My Favorite Denim Fits

I am 100% a jeans girl. I think jeans are sooo comfortable, and I love that recently there are so many cute fits, styles and washes trending so it’s easy to wear jeans almost every day and still have a lot of variety in your wardrobe. I’ve narrowed it down to about 6 favorite denim fits that I wear most often: Skinny, Cropped, Cropped Flare, Hi-Lo, Wide Leg and Cuffed.

Gray Skinny Jeans

I think I probably wear these the most often because they’re very neutral and a good staple item. Typically I wear skinnies that have holes in the knees or raw edges at the ankles, but I also have a couple of pairs that are just nice and simple. I also love the grey and black washes in skinnies.

Skinny Jeans

Cropped Denim
Skinny Jeans
cropped denim

These are the runner up for what I wear most often. My spring/summer wardrobe is especially full of cropped looks when I want to go for a simple look but stay a little cooler and a little more casual.

cropped flares Cropped Flares

Flares obviously make for a more interesting look, and they’ve only come back into style in the last year or so. I rarely wear full flares that touch the ground, but a good cropped flare is just enough of a statement without being too dramatic.

Hi Lo JEans, Gucci Shoes hi lo
Denim Fits, Hi Lo Jeans

Hi-Lo’s are my favorite style – I think that ankle detail is so cute! I’m pretty sure the first hi-lo pair I ever wore was a Citizens of Humanity pair, and I was immediately hooked. I have them in a few brands now including Paige and M.i.h.

Denim Fits, Wide Leg
Wide Leg Jeans wide-leg

I don’t wear wide legs very often, but a lot of times I’ll pull them out for fashion weeks or events where I’m going for a more dramatic look. The benefit is all the extra leg room makes them super comfy!

Cuffed Jeans cuffed

Cuffed looks are essentially the opposite – I save them for super low-key days and wear them with a t-shirt or a comfy sweater.