Denim Jumpsuit

When I’m out and about, whether shopping, running errands, or getting lunch, I try to dress with intention and effort. It’s my natural inclination to go for a baggy t-shirt and sweats if I know I’m just going to the bank or grocery store, but I’ve been challenging myself to dress the same, no matter where I’m going. If you think about it, it doesn’t really even take that much more effort and dressing is such a form of self-expression… it’s one of the first things people see and take notice of.  I guess that makes me wonder what my style says about me? Either way, I have a lot of great clothing – as I sure you guys do too – and it easily gets pushed back into the closet without being worn for months and we should give those items some love! Haha, it’s only fair.

One around-town item I love is this denim jumpsuit from M.i.h. It’s comfy and carries itself as an awesome 70’s statement piece. M.i.h is really great about carrying out what they call “blue-jean culture.” They’re all about denim for girls. They even claim an obsession for how denim can make you feel, which, when you think about it, makes sense. Denim is one of those magic fabrics that changes with your body over time.

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M.i.h. Jumpsuit | Kenneth Cole Backpack | Senso Heels | Rayban Sunglasses

Camel suede accessories, Senso heels, round Raybans, Kenneth Cole backpack
Los Angeles fashion blog, TAKE AIM by Michelle Madsen
Street Style denim jumpsuit ray-bans
Downtown LA Arts District
M.i.h denim jumpsuit
Michelle Madsen TAKE AIM fashion blogger

Street style los angeles Photos by Benjamin Ewing