5 DIY’s Every Minimalist Will Love

I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself a major DIY girl because I rarely find the time, and I’m somewhat particular about how my house looks. My favorite look is something pretty minimal and sophisticated (See my dream home here). Fortunately, I came across 5 DIY’s that my minimalist self would actually love to make and include around my house. I haven’t tried any of them yet, but I’ll let you know which ones I end up doing!

If any of you have tried or try any of these in the future, be sure to send me pictures so I can see how yours turn out too.

Minimalist DIY Leather + Teak Clock

1. Leather + Teak Clock:
I love this clock so. much. I tend to really like leather and wood together on almost any home item, but this one is especially stunning, especially for a diy. It’s so simple, yet so chic and modern. It looks like something I would spend a lot of money on if I couldn’t make one myself!

So simple but so chic

2. Hanging Planter:
These are the cutest little planters. I love having plants everywhere in my home, and I really like this way of displaying them. It looks like a very simple and cheap project, but could add such a statement to your home. Love!

Minimal DIY Plants
need this!
DIY Shoe Shelf

3. Triangle Shoe Shelf:
Ok I sooo need one of these! I recently re-did my entire closet with new shoe shelves and hanging areas, and I’m really hapy with how it looks, but it would be so fun to add in a triangle shelf like this as well. It looks like it fits a lot of shoes and is really efficient with the space, but also a little more interesting than your standard shelves.

4. Floral Room Spray:
Anything that smells like florals, I’ll take it. I found this DIY on Design Love Fest, which is full of really good design posts and DIY’s etc.  I typically use candles to make my place smell nice, but it would be fun to try switching to an all natural spray like these.

DIY Room Spray
You had me at floral
DIY Wreath

5. Sophisticated Wreaths:
These look really pretty… Normally wreaths would not really be “me” but I love that these are all greens with some tiny flowers and they’re very grown up and sophisticated.  I could see myself hanging one of these in an entryway area or even in my bathroom.