Dr. Jart + Skincare

Over the past couple months I’ve been trying different products from Dr. Jart+, and I’ve really been enjoying them! To be honest, it’s hard to decide which product I like best since they’re all so unique and beneficial. One of the biggest stresses on my skin, personally, is dryness which causes fine lines (uh!). I’m doing my best to be preventative about it and really feel that Dr. Jart+ products are incredibly hydrating.

The Dr. Jart+ story goes that about ten years ago a scientist and a businessman got together to develop skin moisturizers that would leave the body feeling instantly smoother and hydrated. You can read all about their story and see how they’ve progressed each year on their website here.

At the end of the day, after my makeup has been sitting for hours, it feels good to wash my face with Dermaclear foam wash (it’s hypoallergenic and made with herbs for a calming effect), or treat myself to a Dermask, which is basically a sheet you leave on your face that acts as a mask for a quick skin restoration! The Dermask is one of the most unique products in the Dr. Jart+ collection and my personal favorite. As you wear the sheet mask, your face absorbs the serums and becomes very moist. I love waking up to my skin after using a Dermask the night before.

Another cool thing about the company is that during NYFW they provide backstage skincare for one of my favorite shows  – Opening Ceremony. This is where I discovered them last fall and I’ve been enjoying all their products since.

Below are some of my top pick from the brand:

Korean Skincare, Dr. Jart, Ceramidin Liquid and Ceramidin Cream Dermaclear micro water and Dermaclear Foaming Face wash by Dr. Jart