My Dream Home

When I first starting using Pinterest (wayyyyy back in the day!) I think I basically only pinned home decor and beautiful interiors. I’ve always loved dreaming up how to make a space look the best it can look and I’ve definitely settled on a style for myself! I’m on Pinterest pretty much daily (feel free to follow me!) so I thought it would be fun to pull some of my favorite home pins and show you what my each room in my dream home would look like:

Bedroom Cactus

Bedroom – I haven’t been able to find a picture that’s exactly what my dream bedroom would be, but a lot of them get close. I definitely love really spacious rooms with white bedding, wood floors and a couple of statement plants. I usually like to hang some artwork too, and this Paris one is so cute! Obviously in my dream home, it would be a king size bed and a huge walk in closet.

Paris Poster Bedroom
Apartment By The Line Kitchen

Kitchen – I’m not entirely sure what my dream kitchen would include, but I think it’d be great to be able to have lots of space for healthy, home-cooked meals. I like the idea of having a ton of natural light, plants everywhere, and a stack of expensive cookbooks (looking at you Kinfolk!).

Huge Walk in Closet

Closet – Speaking of huge walk in closets, a tiny sliding door closet just won’t do. My dream closet is it’s own room with entire shelves for shoes, and 100s of feet of hanger space for all of my clothes. Have you seen those closets with the conveyor belt to hand you whatever item you want?! That would be so amazing.

Minimal Bathroom

Bathroom – I think bathrooms always feel cleaner when they’re nice and white, and when they smell really good. I would make sure to have a window, some fresh plants, high quality beauty products, and some essential oils diffusing.

If you see anything you’ve loved so far, you can shop a lot of it here! Otherwise keep scrolling to read about the rest of my dream house :-)

Dream Home Living Room
Dream Home Entry Way

Living Room – For the living room, I would want somewhere that has a lot of seating for whenever I spend time with family and friends. I like the idea of sometimes eating casually in the living room, so a good coffee table is pretty important to me too. I love the more sophisticated love seats rather than a plushy sofa, and I’m a big sucker for anything marble and anything gold.

Dream Home Office

Office – In my dream home, my office would organize itself and get all of my work done! But if I can’t have that, I’ll settle for something with lots of pretty storage areas, some inspiring artwork and space for a large desktop screen.

Dining Room with Windows

Dining Room – This table is probably a little bigger than I would need, but I would love to have a dining room right by a wall of windows overlooking the city. I’ve also always loved the idea of a simple, modern hanging lamp to light up the area.

What are your must haves for your dream home? Comment below!

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