Dressed Down

Three of Something Dress

One of my best tricks with fashion is finding balance.  Once I realized balance was key, I felt like I could wear anything! For instance, this dress with some tall heels and curled hair would be great – but so dressy that I would feel pretty uncomfortable unless I was out on the town ; )

Same goes with a t-shirt or sweat pants – match them with something like heels and it’s an unexpected look that I think is pretty cool…

So with this dress I chose to wear some buckled flats, denim around the waist and hair up in a messy bun – it turned this dress into something I can wear any day.

Speaking of this dress… love the circle/diamond cut out! Such a unique touch that I’ve gotten so many compliments on.  Three of Something is such a cool Australian brand and every piece I own from them is beautiful and unique, either in shape or print.

Three of Something Dress

I’ve been wearing these shoes almost everyday.  I need to give it a break but they go with just about everything…

Call It Spring buckled sandals Three of Something Dress





Insta Moments:

A few details from my outfit for 4th of July… actually had a pretty low-key day! I ran errands, met with a friend for coffee and went out to dinner and a movie.

4th of July outfit

Vegan pizza from Two Boots downtown.  So good!

Two Boots vegan pizza

I got some new succulents from Trader Joe’s – they’re super cute and only like $3.50 each.

Trader Joe's succulents

Hanging on the 6th street bridge with no cars… I love that downtown empties out on holidays and weekends.

6th St. Bridge

SO… big news! Starting on the 5th of July I gave up processed foods! It hasn’t been too difficult so far, but I know I’m going to struggle.  This means giving up sugar (!), anything with white flour, white rice, anything out of a box… you get the idea : ) It’s going to be tough but I’ve been so inspired by The Body Book, 100 days of Real Food Blog and a book called Made to Crave.  I’m excited to take care of my body!

Real food