Off Duty Exploring London

London, Louis Vuitton Mini Backpack

I’ve spent all week exploring London (and now Milan!), which I’m convinced is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Any time I’m traveling to a new city, I love taking a few hours off, throwing on a comfy outfit and searching for cute coffee shops, local cafes and the best ice cream in town. I feel like you can learn so much about a city by it’s food/coffee shop culture, plus I just love exploring.

One of my favorite finds was in London the Ivy Chelsea Garden. We stopped at one of their cafes and got warm coffee drinks and snacks and sat down for some people watching. All of the streets in London are so beautiful, and this cafe was in a particularly pretty neighborhood. Definitely want to go back!

I usually go for a cute off-duty vibe on my explore days (gotta be comfy, but still want to look cute), so these Lacoste sneakers were my go-to’s. I have the LT Spirit Elite from the Lacoste Tennis collection, so they’re made with the comfort/fit of athletic shoes but they’re still great for every day outfits. I always like items with that cool, athleisure feel.

I officially <3 London.

Ganni Sweatshirt, London
Ivy Chelsea Garden Cafe

Ivy Chelsea Garden Cafe
Lacoste Sneakers, Louis Vuitton Backpack
London Fashion Week
Lacoste, Ganni, Louis Vuitton
Exploring London

Thanks to Lacoste for partnering with me on this post!