Where To Find Fashion Inspiration

It’s really cool to me that fashion can become such an art. It can say so much about your personality and become a great way to express yourself. Like with anything creative, it’s so important to stay inspired! I’m always saving links, Instagram posts and pins and making mental notes of things I love for future outfits or photos. Here are are few places I look for fashion inspiration:

Inspiration All Day Every Day

PinterestPinterest is my daily inspiration. Any time I need an idea for a photo or what to find some cute ways to wear a particular item, I’m on Pinterest right away. Pinterest is basically a compilation of all of these sources, actually, so it’s a good go-to if you’re not sure where to start, or need some quick ideas.

Magazines – I feel like there are literally endless options when it comes to magazines nowadays. There are the classic fashion magazines like Vogue and Cosmo, which I love for staying in the loop on trends. And then there are the more design-focused magazines like Kinfolk, Cereal and Darling which I love to inspire new creative ideas and even think about what colors I love together. There’re also online magazines with a TON of inspo every day. My favorite is Who What Wear.

Bloggers – If you’re reading this, you already know that blogs are a great way to get inspired by real people’s outfits. I love that blogs are more personal, and you can read the stories behind the outfit or brand. Obviously blogs are my fav!!

Brand Lookbooks – This one is a little more obscure, maybe, but if you ever have the chance to pick up a physical lookbook from a store or even search for them online, it’s a great way to get inspired by the vision and vibes behind designer collections. Zara has really cool ones on their website if you’re looking for a place to start. Even browsing online stores can give you a lot of ideas for how to style different pieces! Net-A-Porter is awesome for that.

Fav fellow bloggers
Fashion Bloggers in LA
Fashion Inspiration - Lookbooks

Fashion Shows – I pretty much only visit fashion shows twice a year, during Fashion Month in the fall and spring, but it’s always one of the most inspiring fashion experiences for me. It’s like the real life expression of a lookbook, so it’s easy to get really passionate about the vision behind certain collections and to fall in love with the way all of the pieces work together. Plus, just seeing all of those other fashionable people in one spot always gets me inspired. I leave Fashion Weeks with so many new ideas. Check out my Fashion Month posts if you haven’t yet!

Fashion Inspiration - Runway Show
Fashion Inspiration - NYFW

Movies – I thought of this one last because I don’t think we always realize how much movies inspire our fashion choices. The best example to me is the movie The Great Gatsby. The costumes were SO amazing in that movie, and after that everyone started wearing 20s flapper-inspired outfits and headbands and short haircuts.

The same thing happened with Mad Men… some brands, like Banana Republic, even did full collections inspired by the show. Sometimes it’s also just as simple as loving the main characters’ outfits and thinking of them when you’re picking something out in the morning. I felt really inspired by Emma Stone in La La Land to wear some more girly styles and colorful dresses.

One thing I love to do to keep myself motivated, is to make it a discipline to stay inspired. Even if it’s setting aside ten minutes each day to get on Pinterest and come up with some new ideas or new styles to try, it can really make a difference! It’s kind of like working out… a little can go a long way in keeping your creative side healthy :)


I couldn’t do a whole post on Inspiration and not let you know what’s inspiring me right now! One of the posts I came across this morning on Who What Wear was this one on spring outfits you can put together in under a minute. The title really popped out at me since it can be overwhelming to look at so many clothes with not enough time! Loved this one with a pink top:

Spring Outfit