Favorite Podcasts

One of my favorite things to do while I am getting ready, driving or have some free time is to listen to a podcast. This week while getting situated in my place in West Hollywood, it has consisted of lots of unpacking. While unpacking and getting in the zone I have popped on some of my favorites to listen to. I just pop my airpods in and get to work and be inspired! I thought I would share with you guys some of my faves in case you are looking for something new to listen to. 

Favorite Podcasts - Take Aim Gary Vee


Gary Vee “The Audio Experience” 

I have been a fan of Gary’s podcast for awhile now. If you have an interest in the digital creative space, he has so many amazing interviews and episodes on building your brand. He has a lot of experience in building businesses and investing- some of those include Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Uber, and Birchbox. Now he runs VaynerMedia, a successful digital agency. Not to mention he is super engaging to listen to and I always walk away with something new to either think about or put into practice. 


Mark Groves Podcast

I recently found this podcast from a post I found on Instagram. I was immediately drawn to his content on IG and have become even more hooked with his podcast. His podcast is all about relationships and he is big about “Great Relationships happen by choice, we create them.” He interviews different psychologists, relationship experts and people from varying fields with relationships in mind. Whether you are in a relationship or single I promise you will find something relevant and thought provoking.  

Favorite Podcasts - Take Aim Mark Groves
Favorite Podcasts - Take Aim Raising the bar podcast


Alli Webb’s “Raising the Bar”

 I recently have been listening to Alli’s podcast which she leads with her brother. Alli is a female entrepreneur well known for starting the Dry Bar and has continued to grow her business. I love hearing a female perspective, someone that is highly driven motivated and maintains her personal life as a mom. Her podcast typically revolves around anyone who wants to know about running or starting a business, or building a life while having a business. Personally two things I am SUPER interested in! 


NPR “How I Built This”

 Another great podcast for building a business as different innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists explain how they built their empires. 

Favorite Podcasts - Take Aim How I built this podcast
Favorite Podcasts - Take Aim Oprah Super Soul


Oprah SuperSoul Sundays

This podcast gives you all the feels. The name of the podcast suits it perfectly SuperSoul as that is exactly what you get. It is enriching and feel good while also having so much depth. Oprah gets a wide range of different people to interview so you are sure to find something that peaks your interest. 

What are your guys favorite podcasts? Comment below! I love checking out new podcasts to listen to! 

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