My Favorite Festival Hairstyles At Coachella

One of my favorite parts of Coachella is having an excuse to try some fun different things with my hair. Coachella styles are all about braids, waves and messier looks. I still wore my hair down and wavy a lot of the time, but on one of the days I added in a braid crown. I’m hoping to do some more beauty tutorials soon, so maybe I’ll add this one in, but it’s really simple and made for a cute and festive look.

Other favorite festival hairstyles I saw there were big, volumized ponytails, messy bun pigtails and light hints of pastel colors. I always love Pinterest for hair inspiration, and these were some looks that I loved. There are a few more on my Pinterest as well in case anyone needs inspo for Coachella next weekend or any other festivals this summer… which one is your favorite?

braids on braids Festival Hairstyle Collage


I just made it to my hotel in St. Lucia, and I’m already on the lookout for the best activities and photo ops while I’m here. Found this blog post on the Top 10 Experiences in St. Lucia. Looks so gorgeous!

St Lucia Mountain

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