Five Stars For My Stay At 1 Hotel Central Park

Amidst all the craziness of fashion week, I’ve been so thankful for a calm, luxurious place to stay at night. I’d been really looking forward to my time at 1 Hotel Central Park as fashion week approached, but even so, the rooms and staff completely topped my expectations. I was so impressed by the attention to detail that went into making my stay welcoming and comfortable.

I can hardly keep track of all of the cool features and amenities, but for starters, everything in 1 Hotel is recycled and reused, and all set up to be recycled again in the future. To avoid the overuse of plastic bottles, their tap water is triple filtered to be as pure as drinking water, so you can fill up one of their eco-friendly glasses right out of the tap and have the same quality as a five dollar bottle down the street. Next to the beds, there are little hanging chalkboards instead of pads of paper for your late-night thoughts, and even the room keys are made of recycled wood! There are thousands of live plants on and within the hotel, and the list goes on.

On top of all of that, the design in the hotel is really amazing. The materials used and art on display is visually refreshing and even inspiring. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I’m big on surrounding myself with atmospheres that foster creativity and productivity, so living at 1 Hotel for a week was perfect. Not surprisingly, their staff was also very friendly and ready to help any time I needed it. One of the doormen even brought my suitcases around the corner and down a few blocks to help me find my uber. So impressive!

I also had a chance to visit their top-level room, called The Greenhouse Suite, and take a few photos inside. The Suite comes complete with a full living room, dining room, media room, two bedrooms and two and a half bath. I could have stayed there forever, so be sure to scroll through the photos below! Thanks so much to 1 Hotel for hosting me for NYFW. Can’t wait to visit again!

Nothing is Ever Really Lost - 1 Hotel NYC
1 Hotel Central Park Bedroom, NYC
1 Hotel Bedroom with Gucci Shoes
1 Hotel Central Park Living Room
Michelle Madsen, Window Nook at 1 Hotel
Celine Bag and Garrett Leight Sunglasses at 1 Hotel
1 Hotel Lounge Seat

Breakfast in Bed at 1 Hotel 1 Hotel NYC Lounge

1 Hotel Coasters
1 Hotel Bathroom
1 Hotel Copper Deep Bath

1 Hotel Dining Room
1 Hotel NYC Bar