How To Design A Great Flatlay

Clinique Lotion Flatlay

I don’t post flatlays super often, but when I do I always really enjoy the styling aspect of it. Flatlays can be really simple, but there’s also something so gorgeous about a well-designed flatlay (esepcially if it involves latte art). Since I’ve spent plenty of time working on  flatlays over the last few years, I made a list of tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way:

#1 is the most important – You have to have good, natural light. Even if everything else is perfect, your flatlay can be ruined by the reflection of a lightbulb above you, the shadow of your own body, or the graininess of the dark. It’s best to find a great window on a cloudy day and set up right next to it, so that your photo is bright, and the light is even. If you find a spot with interesting shadows, it can make for a cool moody look, but even light is probably your safest bet.

#2 – This might seem obvious, but you want to find a really simple, even background. I like to mix it up between light and dark backgrounds, so I typically look for marble table tops, dark wood floors or I use my big concrete dining room table. You can also buy contact paper or foam boards to fake a background, but make sure to buy “matte” so that the shiny paper doesn’t distract!

#3 Add in cute, “likeable” things. If you want your photo to get great engagement on Instagram, you have to make sure the focus of the photo isn’t too boring. Typically, one splash of bright color, pretty gold decor, coffee art, or a statement bag does really well. I love adding in my black Gucci bag or a cute breakfast item.

#4 – Simple is good. Sometimes it can be tempting to overdo it and add in every cute thing you own, but most flatlays that I love are really simple, so you know what to look at. If you have a lot of items to show off, it can help to keep the color scheme consistent, or choose one pop of color.

#5 – Make it Human. I usually like to add in my hand or even have my shoes on my feet in the frame so that the audience remembers there is a human behind the photo. You want your photos to be relatable and to tell a story, so adding in a hand is one great way to do that.

Cafe Gratitude Flatlay
Gucci Shoes
Donut Flatlay


Obsessed with this gorgeous white living room from Coco Lapine – look at those walls! Anyone else follow some pretty interior design blogs?

Inspiring Living Room from