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Finding an outfit that is comfortable, stylish, and form-flattering can be a daily dilemma. These three qualifiers are a few of the most common that we girls are attempting to attain when getting ready each morning. We may not be thinking about it all of the time, but I think struggling to find this combination can add undue stress and pressure to our morning routine.

Overalls are one of those items that I’m always drawn to but feel that they’re kind of unflattering on me… until I found this Madewell pair. They are a little high-waisted, which helps with defining the waist line, and the denim has nice stretch for comfort. Finding a pair of comfortable and flattering overalls is kind of dangerous because now I want to wear them non-stop… but maybe people would notice? Yes, I think so.

On the other hand, these patent Everlane loafers are current favorites and I do wear them pretty often. The color and shape go with that 70’s style that I’m all about right now.


Madewell Overalls | Everlane Loafers | Bella Luxx Shirt | Ectu Bag | Ariel Gordon Ring and Earrings

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