Floral For A Change

I can definitely appreciate floral patterns, and on some people they work really well, but they’re not usually a go-to for me. But something unique about this button-down had me wanting to make an exception. A closer look reveals a neat and non-flashy watercolor design, and since it buttons from the top it has less of an overtly girly feel (another thing I don’t typically lean toward).

I think being open to making exceptions (like giving a floral top a closer look, for example), or being willing to dig a little deeper for something that catches your eye, or even taking time to be more in-the-moment can lead to exciting chances for surprise. Even more, I think less distraction and more attentiveness gives us opportunities to experience life more fully.

I mention this because while I was on my way to shoot for this floral piece my photographer and I were getting gas and he noticed (as odd as this may sound) how cool the lighting and infrastructure at the gas station was. Again, I know it sounds weird, but somewhere between hustling to our intended location and filling up my car provided this special moment of empty space and time to be aware of what was around us.

It’s probably safe to assume that we’ve all got something that keeps us from being fully present. What might those things be for you? If I’ve learned anything from this shoot it was to be a little more open to things I might ordinarily write off. And even if that openness doesn’t always bring something fun or cool in the future, I can rest knowing it’s a habit I want more of in my life.


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Photos by Benjamin Ewing