Formerly Yes

I’m always looking for interesting content beyond my outfits to blog about, and so when I got to meet the cute married couple that run Formerly Yes (and their adorable, little dog), I felt compelled to share.

They’re a semi-new shop across the street from the Ace Hotel in downtown LA, and their emphasis is all about “less is more”. And believe me, it shows. When I think of big box stores, or department stores I grew up shopping at, one big thing that comes to mind is STUFF, like everywhere: signage, clothing racks, shoe displays, perfume, jewelry, hats, etc.

Shopping nowadays is different, though. There’s more emphasis upon a customer’s shopping experience, and one of the greatest things to come out of that emphasis is a “less is more” approach. With all of the distractions we have in our lives today, the last thing we need is another distracting store! I love Formerly Yes’s intentionally minimal design in everything from their wall displays, the products they carry, and their website design. Definitely makes shopping a positive and refreshing experience! You can shop some of their home and office goods online, but if you’re local, definitely stop in and enjoy what a great job they’ve done with the space.

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Formerly Yes dog
Fig leaf tree, minimal decor
Formerly Yes downtown Los Angeles

Photos by Benjamin Ewing