Frequently Asked Questions: Hair, Photo Editing and Assistant Jobs

I always love to read the questions that you guys send me. It helps me structure my future posts, lets me know what you like to see, and it’s just fun getting to actually talk with you guys (social media is so cool). There are a few questions I get asked so often that I decided an FAQ post was in order! Here are some of the top questions I get asked the most:

messy waves for days


How do you do your messy waves?

This is one of the most popular questions I receive! I add some messy waves almost every day for a soft, natural look (my hair is super straight on its own!). I’ve done two tutorials on this in the past… one is a super old blog post linked here. And more recently, I did a video tutorial. You can see that full post here or just check out the video below:


What equipment do you use for photos and how do you edit?

For photos, a lot of people are surprised to learn that I actually shoot most things on my iPhone! For more professional shoots or some blog posts, my photographer typically uses the Canon 5D Mark iii with a Sigma 35mm 1.4 lens. I also love my new Canon Powershot D7x Mark ii for vlogging… can’t wait to use that more!

For editing, I’ve received this question so often that I decided I really need to do a full post on it soon. Stay tuned for that, and I’ll give you some more details, but for the most part I usually start with the Snapseed app, and use the grainy filters but turn off the grain. My favorites are A1, A3 and L3. I then use the tuning tool to adjust exposure, up the ambiance and saturation depending on the photo. I love the healing tool to take out something I don’t like in the background (like a construction cone or something). I’d love to hear any specific questions you have about this for my full post on editing!

starting your own thing…


What’s your advice if I want to start a fashion blog?

I love the amount of passion and creativity I see from so many people starting blogs. I always love answering your questions, and I honestly could go on and on with advice in different areas. When I launched this newer website last year, I started a new category called “take aim with me” that is all posts with resources and tips for your own blogs and projects! I’m still adding to it — there’re not a ton of posts in there yet, but I’m really excited to share more with you there. One of my favorite posts for advice is this video below…I shared my story and some specific things I’ve learned on “A Drink with James”! You can watch that for some more specifics. In general though, it’s all about being brave, working hard and not giving up.


Do you need an assistant/how can I work for you?

As much as I love hearing that so many of you are interesting in joining what we’re doing here, the Take Aim team is currently full! I wish I could hire allll of you, but in the mean time here are a few of my favorite job boards:


Where is your ____ from?

By far the biggest question I hear is where certain pieces I’m wearing are from! Even though I don’t always tag every detail on Instagram, I actually have a whole page on my blog dedicated to sharing outfit details with you, including links to shop them yourself. If you go to my home page here, and then click on “SHOP” at the top (or just click this link here) you’ll see all of my recent Instagram photos. When you click on each photo it’ll show you what I’m wearing and you can click to shop! Hope that helps <3

Last thing! I thought it would be fun to put together a Q&A video to answer even more of your questions — business or personal. Comment any questions you have below or on my most recent Instagram (or email me! and I’ll include as many as I can in the video!


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