Fresh Stax

Pre-prepped healthy meals, Fresh Stax delivery service

If you’re like me, then you know meal prep (especially health-conscious meal prep) can be a bit of a chore for anyone whose schedule keeps them constantly on-the-go. It’s way easier to buy in bulk or to just grab a bunch of quick-meal items when you do finally make it to the store. And that usually works out for… maybe two or three days. After that, well, we all know how eating poorly begins to make us feel.

So how do I eat healthy without having to worry about slaving away in the kitchen for hours at a time? One awesome way is this weekly delivery service I just found called “Fresh Stax”. They provide everything you need to make a smoothie a day!

I recently ordered from Fresh Stax for a week’s worth of smoothies and drank one a day in minutes because of how easy they make it. Each day’s smoothie comes with mix-ins like chia seeds or almond butter, and you can even pick the type of milk you prefer (I chose almond milk). Another great thing is that you can see everything that’s in season on their site when you order. My favorite smoothie so far was the “Mulholland Drive” — it was full of berries!

And if all of that’s not cool enough, they also use fresh, locally sourced produce, and make efforts to donate to their local South LA community.

Healthy delivery service for smoothies, Fresh Staxx
Premade smootie
Fresh Stax home delivery smoothie service

Photos by Benjamin Ewing