Friends Who Twin Together Stay Together

One of my favorite things about blogging is that I have met so many good friends and inspiring women throughout my time in the industry. In fact, one of my Take Aim highlights was this past trip to Paris for Fashion Week, where I was surrounded by literally hundreds (thousands?) of amazing bloggers, designers, stylists and other artists who inspired me daily, and that includes one of my closest friends, Brittany!

Brittany and I found ourselves matching head-to-toe one day of PFW completely by accident, so we had no choice but to document the moment and post about the outfits together. If you haven’t had a chance to check out her blog, then you should (right now!), because she has great style and is always a really fun part of my day.

Thanks to the head start on the cooler weather (shout out to you, Paris!) we both picked out lots of suede, fall colors, and cozy layers, and topped it off  with our favorite staple item- our Chloé Faye bags. I’ve been carrying my Chloé bag so often because it goes with everything.

A few fun things you may not know about us:

  1. We met from following each other on Instagram
  2. We share a love for sour gummy bears and spicy (spicy) jalapeño margaritas
  3. While we have our separate blogs and businesses, we freely share and support one another
  4. When we travel together, we laugh non-stop
  5. She keeps me up on TV shows and Celebrities and I teach her shortcuts on her Iphone (lol!)

And, on occasion, we walk out the door in matching outfits. But I’m ok with that because friends who twin together stay together…

My Outfit:

Designers Remix Poncho | Iris & Ink Skirt | Schutz Boots | Chloe Bag | Shauns Sunglasses

Brittany’s Outfit:

Frame Sweater | Sanctuary Skirt | Zara Boots (similar) | Chloe Bag

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Gray Purse, Warm Fall Tones, Fall Outfit
Fall Fashion, Autumn Outfit, Ootd
Fall Plaid Poncho, Chloe Bag Matching Chloe Bags
Fall Plaid and Stripes, Chloe, Schutz
Gray Suede, Plaid Poncho
Michelle Madsen, Chloe, Poncho, Boots

Thrifts and Threads & Take Aim, twinning