FRSH Organics

I’m very excited to share about the launch of a new company today! FRSH Organics is a luxury, organic cosmetic line based in Los Angeles and is just beginning to start their Indiegogo campaign this week. The quality of FRSH products with the mission behind the brand, is what makes the company so unique and worth our support. I love when good products have a great cause! Here’s a few reasons why I am now a FRSH girl:

FRSH products are:

Quality | natural, biodegrade, GMO free

Intentional | gluten free, vegan, no soy, made in USA

Safe | No colorants, parabens, synthetics, preservatives

The FRSH vision is:

BOGO | Buy One soap, Give One to a child in need

Hope | giving it to the most impoverish people around the world

Go Green | Sustainable, compostable packaging that has seeds embedded to be planted to bloom

FRSH was founded with the hope to make a difference. Around the world, 2.4 billion people don’t have access to sanitation and in Africa this is the leading killer in children under the age of five. It’s hard to believe living in a country that doesn’t lack hygienic supplies and mostly operates off of surplus – these statistics were astonishing for me to read.

You can visit the campaign page here to see all the ways you can get involved by giving and being one of the first to enjoy the FRSH Organics line. My favorite bars have been the Irish Lavender (for the amazing smell) and the Make-Off Charcoal Soap as a body wash – great for skin and impurities!

 I am a huge supporter of intentional design and giving – of being people that TAKE AIM. It’s awesome to partner with FRSH in this way and I hope you guys can join us with your support and make this happen!

Best Organic Soap Bar Organic Soap FRSH Organics Soap - buy one give one Soap boxes made from recycled paper, embedded with seeds Mandarin Orange Soap