Glam Curls Tutorial

Messy waves are my go-to look, but everyone once in a while I like to switch it up and go full glam. I love this glam curls look for a night out or just to change things up for fun. I used to feel like I didn’t have time to spend an hour on my hair in the morning (the glam curls can take a while) but I realized that if I take the time to do it right once, a glam look like this can last me a 3-4 days which makes it feel a lot more worthwhile.

These curls are a great addition to the cat eye makeup which I posted on a tutorial on just a couple weeks ago. I posted the full tutorial video below and wrote out a step-by-step (in case you’re not a video person), but the key things to remember are to curl all the curls the same direction, lay every piece flat on the wand, loosen the curls up afterward to make them more natural-feeling, and use the best products to add volume on top and texture on the bottom.

glamorous curls

Michelletakeaim with glamorous curls tutorial

1. Spray the texture spray throughout your hair so the curls hold all day.

2. Make a dramatic side part, to really add volume on top.

3. Clip half your hair up to curl all the bottom pieces.

4. Keep your curling wand parallel as you take each piece.

5. Take pieces of hair, starting at the root and wrap around so every piece is laying flat on the wand.

6. Curl to the very end and then let the piece go.

7. Give it a little twirl to keep the shape.

8. Make sure all curls are going away from your face on each side.

9. For the front pieces, come from the top and hold the wand parallel, curling away from your face.

10. Run the curling wand straight through the curls when you’re done, so that it’s not too much curl.

11. Completely clamp at the root and pull down the curl to tame it.

12. Pull your hair up in the crown area and tap in the volume powder to add lotttsss of volume to the roots.

13. Grab the Teaze brush and tease at the roots, to really add height to your glam look.

14. Spray the texture spray again throughout all your curls.

15. Run a brush through all your hair.

16. Final touch! Spray rose hair oil in your hand and rub together, then run through your hair (make sure not to use too much so it doesn’t look oily).

Michelletakeaim with glamorous curls


takeaim glam curls t3 curling iron

T3 Micro Wand 

Take Aim Michelle Madsen wearing glam curls
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