This Hair Dryer Comes With The Cutest Travel Size

I don’t know what it is about mini things, but for some reason they’re always really cute. I was really excited when InStyler released their “Blu” Hair Dryer Bundle because beyond all of it’s cool features, it comes with a mini me! I like to collect high quality travel items since I’m hopping on and off planes all of the time, and I feel like the Instyler BLU Mini Travel Size Dryer is probably my best find yet.

The two dryers come in a set (perfect, because I need both), and they’re known for being super powerful but really light at the same time. When I was testing out the features on the full size Turbo dryer, I was blown away (pun intended) by how much you can control. The air power is an infinity dial, so you can dial to exactly the amount of air you want blowing on your hair, and you can even select high or low ions to control the amount of frizz (what!).  It also comes with two different ends you can easily switch out, and even the travel size has a setting for cool air instead of hot.

The set is great for someone like me who travels a lot, because I plan to use the full size at home and slip the mini into my bag whenever I travel. Currently packing for holidays with the family, and my mini is coming too!