Hair Transformations This Past Year

This last year I have really experimented with different hair looks.  if you have followed me for awhile you know that for so long I had long dark brown hair. I have had short hair in the past but sometimes you just need to do something different. I thought I would take you down memory lane with me this past year and show the transformation of my hair this past year.

Hair Transformations this Past Year - Take Aim Michelle Madsen wearing blazer and denim with coffee with mid length brown hair

A year ago at this time, I had brown hair just below my shoulders. I had lighter highlights through the tips of my hair. It was lighter from the summer but it was not a full balayage look. As the seasons were changing I was ready to change my look.

In November I went a little shorter and took out a little bit more of the lighter highlights in my hair. I have always asked for a blunt cut with my hair. I kept my hair short through the holidays.

Hair Transformations this Past Year - Take Aim Medium length hair

Hair Transformations this Past Year - Take Aim Michelle Madsen wearing floral dress and shoulder length brown hair
In January I went a little bit shorter and cut it to be just above my shoulders. I wanted to start getting ready for Fashion Week and wanted the look of a chic shorter hair.  All through Fashion month I kept my hair short and much of my highlights were now gone out of my hair. I kept this same length for most of Spring and into the summer. I really loved having short hair.

Hair Transformations this Past Year - Take Aim Michelle with short blond hair

This summer in July I decided to do something super fun and different and go blonde! First before I went blonde, I added some peach into my hair. I kept the short length and cut it blunt again!  The peach in the hair was just a wash out. It was Maria Nila, they have a bunch of temporary tints, I recommend if you want to change your look. Would be perfect for a Halloween costume if you need another color. They come in so many different shades.

The peach only lasted a week or so and I was now fully the bright short blonde hair. I never knew how much work and upkeep blonde hair truly is. With my natural roots being so dark I have found it to  be a lot of upkeep but SUPER fun.

Hair Transformations this Past Year - Take Aim Michelletakeaim in short hair

Hair Transformations this Past Year - Take Aim Michelle Madsen with long blonde hair wearing white top and denim

All through summer I kept the short blonde hair and once fall arrived I was ready for a change again. I added some extensions to bring back some of my length. I do not want really long hair right now but just enough length to get it past my shoulders. It is so hard to grow your hair out when it is short and get it past that awkward phase. Extensions are great in the meantime! I have also toned down the blonde to a little less bright and more of a natural color.

I do not think I will stay blonde forever but I am enjoying it for now. What do you guys think I should do next?


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