Happy Loveee Day!

I love that there’s a holiday for publicly giving props to the people you love (in a way, it’s like a sappy Thanksgiving I guess). I’m so blessed to have a lot of amazing people in my life (seriously… not just being cheesy), but I wanted to take this Valentine’s Day to give a shout out to all the lady-bloggers I have around me that inspire me and support me every day <3 I think it’s really important to surround yourself with other women who encourage you to do what you love and to be yourself, and I love that I can find that among the girls I share a job with!

I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about all these girls before, but now’s your chance to take a full look at their blogs and follow along if you don’t already!

So thankful for all of you ladies xx

Bloggers in Rebecca Minkoff

Brittany Xavier
Instagram: @thriftsandthreads
Blog: thriftsandthreads.com

Patterned Dresses in GreecePaola Alberdi
Instagram: @blankitinerary
Blog: blankitinerary.com

Michelle, Leonie, Brittany

Leonie Hanne
Instagram: @ohhcouture
Blog: OhhCouture.com

M.i.h jeans with Taylr Anne and MichelleTaylr Anne
Instagram: @taylranne
Blog: taylranne.com

Jessi Malay Outfit

Jessi Malay
Instagram: @jessimalay
Blog: MyWhiteT.com

Lisa and Michelle

Lisa Dengler
Instagram: @lisadengler
Blog: just-another.me

Geri Hirsch Texting

Geri Hirsch
Instagram: @gerihirsch
Blog: becauseimaddicted.net
ps can’t believe I don’t have any recent photos with this girl! ^^ This is how we normally talk (via text lol)