Headbands for Fall

I am so excited for Fall clothes and fashion. One thing I have been loving add to my outfits is headbands. With my hair being blonder, I am trying different colors in my hair that I did not wear as much when I was brunette. I have also been growing out my hair a little longer, and want to try some extensions, so headbands have been perfect for this in between phase of it being an awkward length. I have always had a more blunt cut hair and I am going to be adding some layers in with my new haircut and extensions. The extensions are going to be there until my hair can grow out naturally to the length I am wanting.

I have linked below some of my favorite headbands. I made a list of some splurges, if you are the serious headband girl at heart. Or if you want to just add a couple for the season, I made a list of my favorites all under $30! Let me know what you guys think!


Headbands For Fall - Take Aim Michelle Madsen from Take Aim wearing velvet headband and silk Cinq A Sept Dress
Headbands For Fall - Take Aim Michelle Madsen in New York with small ByFar handbag and velvet dress

Jennifer Behr Headband |


under 30