My Highlights From Sundance Film Festival

BCBG Beanie and Jacket

I just got back from the cutest town with the most snow ever and a great experience at Sundance Film Festival. (Don’t be fooled – the snow was gorgeous, but I was freeeezing in these pictures!)

The festival took place in Park City, Utah, which has a small town feel and lots of beautiful nature! It was fun to see the Main Street come alive with creatives networking, attending events, and getting inspired by the new movies. I got to see a couple of celebs too – one of my favorites was Jon Hamm from Mad Men (one of my favorite shows!)

While I was there, I saw two Films – The Polka King and Their Finest. The Polka King starred Jack Black, and we actually got to hear him speak about the movie afterwards! It was really cool – he’s hilarious and very talented. Their Finest was also really good. It was about a female screenwriter in London during WWII. It was really well done, and a moving story!

Besides watching the films, I got to spend a lot of time hanging out with other bloggers and exploring the area. I also spent some time with Amazon’s “Style Code Live”  team and got to be featured in one of their videos, talking about my style tips for the slopes (aka how to look good and stay warm at the same time)! Style Code Live is a daily online show where people can connect, shop looks and talk trends for both fashion and beauty. Every day they have a different designer, blogger, beauty expert or celebrity that shares their tips and tricks. It’s a live show that airs Monday through Friday at 9pm ET/6pm PT.

Quick Tangent: One of my favorite things about the internet/blogging/online shows is how you get to connect with people so personally that you never would have met otherwise. I always try to do the same thing by getting to know you guys through comments here and on Instagram, so I love seeing another way to foster online community through fashion.

But back to Park City, we wanted to have a really pretty, wintery scene for the video, so to get to a good spot, we took a ski lift up to the top of the slopes where the view was so, so beautiful. It was lightly snowing, and even though it was the kind of cold where your face literally hurts, it was worth it to be in such a pretty environment.

I wore a BCBG beanie with an oversized pompom (so cute), Sam Edelman boots, and a giant BCBG jacket. I’m typically not into really enormous snow boots, so it was nice to have a slimmer option that looks like something I would wear around LA while still being waterproof so I could run around in the snow. I don’t own many big coats either, so this BCBG jacket was my savior all weekend. I would have been soooo cold without it!

Here’s the link to watch the end result of our shoot in the snow: Amazon x Take Aim Video – You can also shop my winter look in the carrousel below the video!

BCBG Beanie and Jacket
Snow Boots

Michelle Take Aim in the Snow Sundance Film Festival