Top 5 Scenic Hikes In Los Angeles

One of the things I want to do a lot more this year is spend time getting out of my house and seeing all of the interesting places and beautiful sites around LA. I want to become a tourist in my own city! I realized that when I travel I’m always looking for the best things each city has to offer but when I’m in LA I get stuck in my usual spots.

LA is known for having so many cute coffee shops, great shopping and of course amazing beaches, but one thing that’s a little less known is how many places you can find for gorgeous hiking. I went to Runyon Canyon the other day with my brother for a quick morning workout, and the view was perfect. Here are my five top scenic hikes in Los Angeles:

1. Runyon Canyon – I think Runyon Canyon is probably one of the most well-known hikes in LA. It’s right off of Hollywood Blvd, and it has the prettiest views! I love being able to see the city skyline from a distance.

2. Eaton Canyon – I didn’t even realize until recently that there are actually waterfalls all over LA! Eaton Canyon is one of the closests ones that I know of (near Pasadena), and it has a waterfall all year round.

3. Malibu Creek State Park – Malibu is full of lots of different hikes, but I especially love wandering around the state park. The view of the mountains is so gorgeous and there are lots of pretty creeks and hills to swim and hike.

4. Topanga Canyon – Topanga Canyon is near Santa Monica area. I’ve never hiked it myself, but I’ve seen really cool pictures of a giant rock that you can climb up at the top of your hike.

5. Franklin Canyon Park – Apparently Franklin Canyon Park is a hot spot for filming crews, and I can see why! It looks so different than the rest of LA, because it’s a quiet lake surrounded by pretty wintery trees. You would never guess that it’s so close to Beverly Hills.

If you live in LA or have visited, what places to you love most??


Hikes in Los Angeles


As we reach the middle of winter, I’m starting to get that travel itch again! Obsessedddd with this stunning photo by @gypsea_lust, so maybe this needs to be my next destination! Also thinking about a quick trip to warm, sunny Mexico. Any suggestions?

Travel Inspo by @gypsea_lust