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I get lots of questions from you guys about different hot tools I use to style my hair. I have naturally thick, straight hair but on most days I still use hot tools to either add a loose wave or go for an ultra straight look. I like to use quality hot tools because I’ve noticed that when I use better quality tools it styles my hair better AND helps to not damage my hair. There are so many different products out there, but I have found that splurging on quality hot tools does make all the difference. I’ve made a list of my favorites, and I highly recommend saving up or waiting until a birthday or holiday to invest!

Hot Tools Worth Investing In - Take Aim Michelle Madsen at Malibu Farm pier wearing Ralph Lauren sweater and white pants with straight hair

Hot Tools Worth Investing In - Take Aim Michelle Madsen with short hair with messy curls
Hot Tools Worth Investing In - Take Aim Michelle Madsen cafe style look in Amsterdam with loose curls
Hot Tools Worth Investing In - Take Aim Michelle Madsen from Take Aim in New York wearing white trench coat and Dior bag with loose undone curls
Here are some of my favorite hot tools that I are worth the splurge:
Hot Tools Worth Investing In - Take Aim takeaim-glam-curls-t3-curling-iron-
T3 Curling Iron

I have been a constant supporter of T3 hot tools and specifically their curling iron. I use the Twirl Trio because as my hair grows and when I have it shorter I can use the different barrels for different curls. The barrels are three different sizes and can be easily swapped out for a smaller or larger curl. One of the reasons I love T3 is because of their superior technology in their hot tools. They use Tourmaline which is known as the “electric stone.” When heated, it releases negative ions and healthy infrared heat. This helps reduce static and lock moisture in the cuticle of the hair, resulting in less frizz and smooth and shiny hair.

T3 Straightener

I am also a big fan of the T3 straightener. I have used it for years. Even though I have naturally straight hair I love how T3 styles my hair. It heats up so quickly. For all of T3 hot tools they have a superior technology in heating up that allows a more consistent heat that helps to not damage the hair. Their straighteners have  an internal sensor that maintains a consistent temperature throughout styling. I have found this to be SO vital, because it exposes hair to as little heat as possible, in just one glide. Leaving your hair healthy!

Hot Tools Worth Investing In - Take Aim T3 Straightener Michelle Madsen Hot Tool
| Photo: T3 Micro Instagram |

Hot Tools Worth Investing In - Take Aim Amika Hair Brush Michelle Madsen Hot Tool
| Photo: Amika Instagram |

Amika Straightener Brush

I was skeptical at first of a straightener brush because I was so accustomed to a regular straightener. Since I do have naturally pretty straight hair I found this brush to be something I actually use more than I originally anticipated. It is so quick to run it through all my hair and achieve easy styling! There are different brands that make a straightener brush but in my opinion I have found Amika to work the best!

Dyson Blow Dryer

This one is on my splurge list that I have not yet invested in. I have heard endless good reviews from friends and hair stylists that rave about the Dyson hair dryer. It definitely is not cheap but what intrigues me is the fast styling. Since my hair is so thick it can take me a long time to dry my hair. Anything that allows me to be efficient with my time, sign me up! At the same time Dyson has created technology that is fast drying while style being gentle on your hair.

I always recommend using a good heat protector, even if you are using quality hot tools. I have linked a couple of my favorite below! Let me know what hot tools you guys are using and if there are any ones that I should try!

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