How To Add Neon Into Your Style

This summer, one trend that I have seen over and over again is neon colors! It is in clothes, hair accessories, handbags and nails. The bright color also makes you appear tanner too so it’s great during the summer time to bring out your glow. 

I made a shopping list of different neon pieces to incorporate into your wardrobe. 

neon suiting

I love a good suiting look and doing it in a bright neon color makes it a fun fashion moment. It makes me already start thinking about Fashion Week coming up and all the outfit inspiration from that week. 

This hot pink suit from Zara is the perfect set to add neon in a fun way. If you are needing a power suit for a meeting or want to wear something different for an upcoming event, I always feel confident in a suit. 

How to add Neon into your Style - Take Aim Zara hot pink suit

two: neon purse

three: fun accessories

I love this Gucci neon phone case! You know that you would always be able to easily find it at the bottom of your purse because its so bright-ha!

How to add Neon into your Style - Take Aim Gucci Phone Case
How to add Neon into your Style - Take Aim Green sunglasses

And these sunglasses!

How to add Neon into your Style - Take Aim Neon hair clip

Love these little neon hair clips! 

four: shoes

If you are looking for a more subtle and versatile way to add neon, shoes are a great option! You could wear them with a simple outfit and add a pop or go big with a full monochromatic neon look!

five: jewelry

I am usually one for simple and minimal jewelry-but these are fun pieces to add with the right outfit! 

What do you guys think of the neon trend? 


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