How To Do Bikini Bod Season Right

Spring Break is coming soon and everyone is talking about working on their bikini bod…. and while I love spring and I think it’s great to feel motivated to be really healthy I think it can be so easy to get swept up in the pressure instead of really loving our bodies and taking care of ourselves. So, in honor of the bikini bod season, I wanted to do a post on body positivity and things you can do to take care of yourself this season:

spring break bod

Michelle Madsen post on body positivity
1. Make it fun!
Find your favorite way to workout that keeps you motivated. That might be running trails, group classes, full body workout etc…Plan a girls night out, and try a zumba or yoga class! I always find myself way more motivated to workout if I have someone there with me, and we can push each other.

2. Water water water!
You’d be surprised how much of our health is just hydration! Instead of an intense and stressful diet, focus on hydrating all day, and make it a challenge to finish multiple bottles of water. I like to add lemon or cucumber to my water too….it also reminds me of the spa, which is my happy place :)

3. Yoga
Yoga can be a really relaxing, healthy way to workout so it’s great for your body and your mind. It combines stretching, self-care, and relaxation all in one. I literally feel like I just got a massage after a yoga class….which brings me to #4!

treat yourself

4. Get a Massage (not much convincing needed here)
Give yourself a treat and remind yourself to get some rest and focus on what’s important to you. Also, if you’ve had a long week of workouts a massage will stretch out all those muscles, which is actually crucial for better workout results.

5. Eliminate Comparison: The Mind Workout
The internet can make it hard not to compare ourselves to other people but comparison is the thief of joy and spring break is supposed to be about having a good time. How you think about yourself is how people see you, so use your brain energy on confidence boosters and that will show on the outside!

Michelletakeaim body positivity