How To Dress Down A Little Black Dress

It’s always fun to have more and more LBD’s in your closet, but the problem is coming up with excuses to actually wear them more than once or twice. The solution? Make them more casual. So here are a couple of tips on how to dress down a little black dress:

1. Wear Flats – I feel like flats are an automatic sign that you’re feeling laid back and comfy, so they’re the first thing to do to make your dress more casual. I’m pretty obsessed with these Gucci flats because they make a bit of a statement and take the attention away from the dress.

2. Tie something around your waist – This is something you would definitely never do if you wanted to look very formal, so it’s another good option for looking casual. I recommend a denim jacket because it goes with everything!

3. Add a hat – Hats are one of my favorite accessories, and they’ll add some West Coast, sunny day vibes to your outfit to make it a really good everyday look.


SWF Dress | Janessa Leone Hat | Gucci Shoes | Zac Posen Bag | L’Agence Jacket

Some more cute LBDs:

Some good accessories for dressing it down:

Casual Black Bardot Dress and Hat |
How to dress down a little black dress |
Gucci Floral Flats, Zac Posen Bag |
Janessa Leone, Gucci, L'Agence, SFW, Zac Posen |
Janessa Leone Hat, SFW Dress |
SFW, L'Agence, Guccie |
All Black Everyday Look |