How To Layer Your Outerwear

Happy Monday! I am just getting situated back at home from being in New York over the weekend and it always feels good to get home and get back into routine.

On another note, I love when I get to be in New York and have an excuse to pull out all my coats and jackets! I’m not use to such cold temperatures, so I have to rely on all my layers haha! Instead of layers just being bulky or taking away from the outfit, it is a perfect opportunity to add to the look.

I am wearing a black turtleneck, that has some sheer detailing on it, with this cozy camel hoodie sweatshirt from WhoWhatWear Collection. The coat has a A-lined shape and is oversized, so it allows for all the layers you might need underneath. The key to wearing multiple layers is making sure that not all the layers are too loose fitting. Combining more fitted styles with loose layers makes sure that you are still able to move in your clothes.

How To Layer Outerwear - Take Aim Michelle Madsen- Take Aim - New York in Chelsea wearing black velvet pants and camel knit sweater

Here are some great layering pieces that would be perfect for a winter wardrobe!

layered picks