How To Make Dinner Feel Fancy

I feel like the quality of a meal is half about the food and half about the experience. I really appreciate sitting down to a carefully curated meal that is beautiful, healthy and delicious, and that can be harder to do consistently that you might think. But my number one solution for how to make dinner feel fancy is this: Charcuterie.

It’s partially just fun to say charcuterie because it makes me feel 100 times more refined. But actually, I love putting together yummy small bites to eat. Finding a few different types of charcuterie and setting it out with a little cheese and jam is so, so easy, and it can be really pretty too (I love it on my Rose & Fitzgerald cheese board)!

I’ve also found that charcuterie is the perfect appetizer for a small group of girl friends, especially on a warm summer weekend with a glass of wine or rosé in your other hand. Everyone can grab what they want, and it will hold you over just enough to make it to the real meal without filling up on carbs.

Some of my other tricks for fancy-ing up a meal are adding some simple, nice-smelling (but not overpowering) candles, cool, minimal flatware, and a little bit of subtle background music.

Bon Appetit!

Charcuterie Plate on Roze and Fitzgerald, Take Aim Lifestyle Blog Charcuterie Plate on Roze and Fitzgerald, Take Aim Lifestyle Blog