How To Set Up A Beauty Counter

One project I’ve been working on lately is setting up a full beauty counter in my bedroom. Until recently, I’ve always gotten ready in my bathroom or closet, but I really wanted something with great natural light and space to be organized. I ended up choosing this spot by the window so I can also look out at the pretty city in front of me whenever I’m getting ready! In my process of setting up a better space for my makeup, here are three things that were most important to me.

How to set up a beauty counter, makeup organization in clear containers

get some sun on your face

Natural light: Unfortunately, bathroom lights typically don’t cut it when it comes to actually seeing what you’re doing with your makeup. Usually they’re really warm, yellowish lights and can even make funny shadows on your face. Basically, they rarely look like the light you’ll really have on your face the rest of the day. It’s also good to have brighter light so you can see what you’re doing and make sure you’re blending well with exactly the color you want.

organization is key

Get Organized: I’ve found myself finishing my makeup in a rush more than once, and staying organized really helps me be able to know where things are and get it done quickly. It also helps to not forget about any cool products you don’t use every day and may forget about if they’re not in plain sight. I love these clear drawers from IKEA because I can see where everything is even before I open the drawers. I always organize by type, so for example, all my lipsticks are in one drawer, all my eyeshadows are in one drawer, etc.

Clear Container storing lip colors

Makeup Counter Set Up with Vanity Mirror


mirror mirror

Vanity Mirror: I have this mirror by Simple Human which has been a game changer for makeup! It’s battery operated, so you can move it around to wherever you need it, and you can actually use an app on your phone to change the lights on it to match the lighting in the location you’re about to go to! It also has a magnifying mirror attached, which is great for fixing details. If you’re not interested in splurging on a fancy one like this, any mirror with good lighting will usually do the trick!

Makeup organization, how to set up a beauty counter
Clear Plastic Disc Containers for Hair Supplies

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Bundle of makeup brushes in a container