How To Shop Successfully Online

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I feel like the days of regularly going to the mall or window shopping when you actually need something specific are somewhat over. I still like to browse in brick and mortar stores if I’m just shopping for fun, but when I need a specific item, it’s so much easier to search for it online and have it arrive at my doorstep. Unfortunately, online shopping does come with it’s own issues like how to know if something fits you, what the quality is like and exactly what the color likes like. Here are my tips for how to shop successfully online:

1. Shop at places that have a good return policy: There’s nothing more disappointing then accidentally wasting money on something that doesn’t fit and can’t be returned! I always look for stores that allow free returns or at least store credit if it doesn’t fit you. Some will even cover your shipping costs if you need to return. Net-A-Porter and Nordstrom are two of my favorites with great return policies.

2. Check the Reviews: Reviews are a pretty reliable source of information most times, especially if there are a lot of them. I always pay attention to the star rating, but I also look through to see what the unhappy customers found unsatisfying about the item… sometimes everyone agrees on one issue and you can decide how much you care about that problem! It’s also a really good way to figure out if the item is what the picture makes it seem.

3. Look for Photos: Some sites include customer photos, which are amazing for seeing how an item looks in real life. I always search through these and try to find someone with a similar body type or skin tone as me so that I can tell if it will be flattering on me! You can also check blogs, Pinterest and the brand’s Instagram for photos if customer photos aren’t included.

4. Check the Size Chart: Size charts are a life saver for determining if a brand runs large or small. Most sites have them somewhere near the item description, and they’re great for helping you determine which size is right for items that need to fit really perfectly.

5. Search for Coupon Codes: I love finding good deals, and sometimes sites will have Friends and Family Discounts or other un advertised sales that you can find with a quick google search! RetailMeNot is a great one, or you can use the plugin, Honey, which will search for you and automatically apply any coupon codes it finds… super helpful!

ps These photos are from my evening at Santa Monica pier the other night — I stopped by for some ice cream and the sunset <3


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Michelle Madsen on How To Shop Successfully Online Eating an Ice Cream Cone at Santa Monica Pier