I Got It From My Mama

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there!

This week I went to one of my favorite flower shops in Silverlake (at Sunset Juction) and picked out some gorgeous Peonies for my mom.  I am now in Temecula celebrating with my whole family this weekend.  I have so many special memories with my mom — and now as an adult, I truly admire her so much. She had my oldest brother when she was 20 and then had another child every year and a half until she was 28. I cannot imagine having 5 little ones under the age of 10 running around at my age right now! I am the middle child of 5 and feel seriously blessed (cheesy, I know) to have every one of them in my life.

I like to say “I got it from my mama,” because you’ll see below in some of my photos that I look a lot like her! Besides my looks, I got so much of my personality from her that I’m so grateful for.

She taught me to be a hard-worker. When I was working on a jewelry line several years ago, she would spend hours and hours helping me make jewelry.  She taught me to be loyal and committed to the people in my life – there is nothing she wouldn’t do for our family. She taught me to take care of my health, keep a clean house (sometimes, haha!) and to put God first in my life.

I love you, Mom! Thank you for raising me, supporting me, and loving me through everything. xx

Flower Shop, Peonies
Mother's Day Family Photo
Mother's Day Family Photo
Mother's Day Family Photo Mother's Day Family Photo Mother's Day Family Photo