11 Investment Pieces That Are Worth The Splurge

As much as I love fun sneakers and statement bags, I think the best finds are those investment pieces that you know you’ll be wearing over and over again. When it comes to buying investment pieces, what’s most important is versatility and quality. Sometimes the best options can be a bit pricey (hence, the word “investment”), but if you know those jeans will be the ones hugging your booty on the daily for the next couple of years, it might be worth it. Here are 11 investment pieces that are worth the splurge:

1. JEANS – Hands down, jeans are the number 1 most important piece to have in your closet. I always have at least 10 pairs that I can’t part with because whether they’re skinny, distressed, cropped or flares, they all have a purpose. And let’s be honest – who doesn’t wear jeans like five days a week (or seven)?

Jeans, Floral Top

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2. BLACK FLATS – It’s super important to have comfortable shoes that you can wear regularly, and it’s even better if they go with any level of formality – from Lazy-Sunday to Friday-Night-Out.

Black Flats

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3. BUTTON UPS – Button up shirts are the key to looking put-together no matter what you pair them with. They’re really easy to dress up with a pair of dainty heels, or dress down with a pair of jeans and a ponytail.  I always say white is a good go-to, but any color works!

Investment Pieces, Button Up Shirt

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4. HIGH WAISTED SKIRTS – I always have a few tops in my closet that I don’t often wear because they are either a little short or tight. Having a few high-waisted skirts always solves the problemHigh-waisted jeans or shorts can be really cute too, but skirts tend to be a little more of a safe option with it comes to flattering your shape, so they are my typically first choice when I need to tuck my shirt into something.

High Waisted Skirt, Gucci Bag

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5. NEUTRAL BAG – I think all of us ladies understand why a bag is completely necessary, and it’s also obvious that a neutral color is the best if you’re looking for a versatile staple. If you have some extra cash to splurge on a designer bag, even more important to go neutral so you’ll get the most use out of it. I seriously cannot stop wearing this gray Chloé bag.

Gray, Suede Chloé bag

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6. SUNGLASSES – Garrett Leight has become my favorite brand for sunglasses because I love wire frames (their specialty!). They also make frames that fit a smaller or narrower face, which can be tricky to find. I honestly had the hardest time finding sunglasses that I loved, but I’ve been wearing these literally daily. Everyone is different, so when you find that perfect pair that suits you, I’d go for it!

Garrett Leight Sunglasses

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7. SIMPLE HEELS – Even if you’re not a heel person, it’s good to have a pair or two of simple, versatile heels. You never know when you’re going to need to dress up last minute or just want to step up your outfit game for a day, so having a comfortable pair that goes with everything is a smart move. I don’t buy a ton of heels, since I don’t find myself wearing them all the time, but it’s great to have something basic.

simple heels, basic outfit

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8. DAINTY GOLD JEWELRY – I love how understated dainty gold jewelry is and that you never really have to take it off! I think it’s super cute and charming to have a few pieces that sort of become your signature look. I’ve been wearing the same rings and necklaces for months because they’re so simple, but I think they really add to your overall look and feeling. With jewelry – it is really important to get pieces that are high quality so that they won’t tarnish or break easily and you can wear them daily without worrying about that. (My favs are Vrai & Oro and Ariel Gordon Jewelry!)

dainty gold jewelry

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9. STRIPED TEES – Stripes are a classic look that’s been trendy for decades. I think stripes are the one pattern you can wear all the time to make your outfit more interesting and it really never gets old.

Striped Knit, Red Shoes

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10. BLAZERS – In my (humble) opinion, blazers are the most underrated staple item ever. Blazers are the ideal piece to take an outfit from day to night. My favorite way to wear them is just by adding them to a simple t-shirt and jeans outfit for a carefree but cool look.

Stripes and Blazer

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11. HATS – Also underrated are the timeless, classic hats. Janessa Leone is my favorite brands for hats because she has a lot of really simple, elegant shapes and materials. I love her white straw hats, but this red one is perfect for fall vibes. Hats are typically really easy to add to almost every outfit for an extra statement – so that’s just one more reason to have some in your closet.

 Janessa Leone Red Hat

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