Jeans and Tee with a Twist

Have you guys gotten tired of hearing how much I love expensive LA food? I feel like I post about it on Insta stories all the time and maybe… maybeeee it makes me sound a little high maintenance and snooty? A friend pointed this out the other day, ha! There are certain things in life that we all like to splurge on and for some reason… I find myself spending a little extra on things like avocado toast and green juice and any kind of Thai kelp noodle I can find. Who else can relate?

food is life

madewell t-shirt, gucci bag (find similar), golden goose jeans w/wrap, opening ceremony sneakers
madewell t-shirt, gucci bag (find similar), golden goose jeans w/wrap, opening ceremony sneakers


Madewell Tee Shirt | Gucci bag (similar) | Golden Goose Jeans with Flannel Wrap | Opening Ceremony Sneakers

It feels good to be eating things that I know are good for me and I also really appreciate places like Kreation Juicery (pictured here) for the overall branding and health focus. It’s one of those things I justify at this stage in my life because it’s simple, healthy and easy! What things do you guys allow yourself to splurge on? In addition to Kreation, I also have a soft spot for Alchemy Cafe, Beaming and Earthbar. If these places didn’t exist I might have more money, #justsaying! Food is happiness!

Whenever I run out for bite to eat at one of these places, I just want to throw on jeans and a tee. We all know how easy it can be to wear a white tee shirt and black jeans and white sneakers everyday… BUT, to keep things interesting, I love to add a fun twist to an ultra basic outfit. These Golden Goose jeans came with a built-in flannel wrap, which I think is so cute! This built-in addition just made life so much easier! You can wear with or without and it’s just about that time of year for flannel galore!

flannel time

P.S. These are my favorite shoes right now because sneakers are always comfortable, but the added bonus of being able to slip them on?! Yes please!

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