Kenmark’s Zac Posen Glasses

I’m really particular about colors and shapes when it comes to glasses and sunglasses. Glasses are basically the one thing you wear on your face, so they have to be just right. One brand I’ve been really happy with is Kenmark‘s Zac Posen Glasses. Kenmark is doing a campaign right now with the hashtag #kenmarkgetsreal, showing a little behind the scenes of real people who are wearing their styles, and I’m honored to be one of the people involved!

They have styles for men and women, but one thing I love about the women’s styles is that their frames are meant to enhance your natural beauty with feminine eye shapes. I feel like they capture the classic, timeless, couture look and really flatter your face well. Personally, my favorite styles are Joan Juliet, Evelyn, and Dayle.  I’ve always had a thing for oversized sunnies and wired framed lenses.

 Zac Posen Glasses from Kenmark

Zac Posen Glasses

Joan Juliet Zac Posen Glasses

Minimal glasses flatlay Green Smoothie and Glasses