Our last, and my favorite, destination in Thailand – Krabi.

It’s actually hard to call it my favorite, because Bangkok and Chiang Mai were so wonderful in their unique ways, but Krabi was beauty in a way I’ve never seen. We stayed at the Tubkaak Resort right on the water. The hotel was intimate and not too over-crowded. We had amazing Italian food – Thai as well – and took yoga classes on the beach lawn, got massages in tall huts and even took cooking classes! I learned how to make some of my favorite dishes – Tom Yum and Tom Ka Soup and Pad Thai.

Krabi is a place I’d visit if you want to experience relaxation, luxury and insane beaches. (Who wouldn’t want these things?!) The below photos are from our second and third day in Krabi when we visited the Islands by boat and got onto canoes and went into the caves. The tides change a lot throughout the day in Krabi – you can walk out further on to the beach in the mornings and evenings and even cross from island to island when the time is right. Same with the caves – there are times when you can get into a cave by laying flat onto your canoe and then times when you’d be stuck in a cave if you wait too long. We had the pleasure of taking our canoe rides with the famous John Gray’s Canoe. The day was unforgettable and I truly hope you get the chance to take this excursion if you go to Krabi.

I’m so glad I got the experience to share my Thailand trip with you guys and I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos and following along with all of the choices I got to make while I was there. It was incredible. Feel free to email me if you have any other specific questions about things to do when you visit. You can also book all of the same fun adventures through Book Thailand Now.



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Photos by Michelle Mosqueda