City Guide To LA Arts District

It’s finally time for a city guide on my very favorite place on Earth: The Arts District. I had such a hard time narrowing down the best places (ok honestly I didn’t narrow it down… it’s just a super long list) because I am such a fan of every place in the area. If you haven’t seen my city guides for Venice BeachDTLA, and LES Manhattan, be sure to check those out, but in the meantime keep scrolling for the best places in the LA Arts District:


LA Arts District Amazebowls

Amazebowls – I think Amazebowls is my very favorite acai bowl place… They have a secret menu item, which is to order your bowl in a frozen coconut! It also comes with tiny edible flowers <3

The Bread Lounge – The Bread Lounge has amazing bakery items and the cutest outdoor eating area. The best part is the amazing smell of all of the fresh baked bread as you walk inside.

Zinc Cafe – Zinc is an all vegetarian sit-down restaurant with amazingggg food. I love their Breakfast Burrito Bowl and their homemade tortilla chips. They also have a bar called Mateo if you want to stop in for a drink!

Zinc Cafe La Arts District

Salt and Straw – I think I mentioned this in my Venice Beach Guide as well, but they just opened up a new location this year in DTLA and I am sooo excited because Salt & Straw is my favorite ice cream. Ever.

Wurstküshe – This place has all different types of sausage and all different sauces, and all of it is so delicious. One of my favorite places in DTLA.

Umami Burger – I think Umami is kind of “Classic LA” and probably my favorite LA burger. They have gourmet burgers (some non-meat options as well) with interesting sauces and ingredients. Their service is always really friendly, so I love eating there.

Fritzi Food DTLA

Fritzi – Fritzi is known for it’s amazing meat – mainly chicken and beef. They have all good options on their menus for lunch and dinner.

Urth Caffe – Urth Caffe is always super busy because they are so popular. They have a really nice variety on their menu from bakery items to salads to pizzas. I love their green tea muffins and their Burrata Salad!

The Pie Hole – The Pie Hole obviously has amazing pie. I like making late night stops there for a quick treat :)

Cafe Gratitude – Cafe Gratitude is cute because everything is named with a positive adjective, and then when you order, they tell you you are what you ordered: ‘You are Brave and Kind.’

Cafe Gratitude LA

Church & State – Church and State is a French Bistro with all natural food for lunch and dinner. So delicious.

Church And State Arts District Los Angeles


Blue Bottle Coffee Breakfast

Blue Bottle Coffee – Blue Bottle is known primarily for their good quality coffee, but they added in a food menu in the last couple of years with really yummy breakfast items.

Stumptown Coffee – Stumptown is one of those very cool, hipster coffee shops with nice lighting for photos and a mini shopping section. Their coffee is also amaze!

Shreeb Coffee

Shreebs Coffee – Shreebs Coffee is actually just a tiny airstream on a little plot of grass (turf) in the middle of the Arts District. I love ordering there because your coffee comes with a mini cookie.

The Daily Dose – The Daily Dose is so pretty at night because they have string lights zig-zagging above for a beautiful ambience. It’s all outdoor and it’s lined up down a vine-covered alleyway. So cute!

Daily Dose Cafe

Blacktop Coffee – Blacktop is a tiny little storefront with a couple of tables out front, so it’s perfect for swinging by for your morning cup of caffeine.


Canal Street Market – There are a bunch of different vendors at Canal Street Market, but my favorite is Mast Chocolate! Their factory and flagship is in New York where they make delicious, gourmet chocolate.

Kit and Ace – Kit and Ace is a clothing brand that uses the materials and technical expertise used to make athletic clothes, but for clothes that you can wear all day. Their brick and mortar store is really nice and spacious!

The Good Liver

The Good Liver – I actually wrote a full post on The Good Liver at one point… they call themselves a modern day general store and they’re all about making beautiful things that are also functional. Great place for minimal home items.

Alchemy Works – Alchemy Works actually shares a building and store front with Black Top Coffee. You would recognize it if you’ve seen it before because there’s a vintage car right in the middle of the store. They sell pretty home items as well.

Poketo – Poketo is a family oriented (but still cool) “art shop” basically. They host workshops and art exhibitions and they also sell art and other home items. They’re all about incorporating art into every day life.

Guerilla Altier

Guerilla Altier – Guerilla Altier is a boutique in the front and an art exhibition in the back. They change up the exhibit every so often, so it’s always fun to stop by even if you’re not planning to shop. A lot of the clothes they sell are exclusive collections with only a few of each item and sold only at their location.

House of Woo – This was started by Staci Woo when she converted her design studio into a public studio and retail shop. You can shop her clothing collections or just stop by to watch some of the manufacturing process.

Urban Radish – Urban Radish is a “grocery store and eatery” all in one. They typically have really good selects on flowers there, so it’s a go-to of mine for that, but they also have great food!

Urban Radish

HD ButtercupHD Buttercup is furniture store with a very Instagrammable pink neon sign right in the front! Everything they sell is

Apolis – Technically this is mainly menswear, but it’s such a cool brand that it’s fun to stop in anyways.