Leather + Denim

IMG_3403Yesterday was kind of a lightbulb moment when I was getting dressed and thought “tights!” I’m not usually big on hoisery because one, I can’t go a full day without putting holes in it, and two, I have a hard time not feeling either young or over-dressed when I wear it.  Maybe neither is true but we all have our things that make us self-conscious : )

Yesterday, though, I was feeling good about wearing them with some ripped shorts, boots and a leather jacket because it was actually a little bit chilly here in LA.  These tights are by a brand called Tabbisocks, made in Japan, and the company is run by one of my very good friends.  They are great quality, but leave it to me… I did put a whole in them at the end of the day when I bumped into a rough edge on my desk.  Our warehouse is full of raw wood and random nails so it was bound to happen!

Anyway… there are tons of fun designs, so if you’re looking for a good hosiery brand, check it out.


Added my pop-of-blue clutch because, hey, it’s April!






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