Lip Therapy

I think a lot of kids thought while growing up that Vaseline was simply this magical gel that could restore any kind of dry skin. Most of us probably never thought about how it’s a remedy from more than a century ago (from the 1870’s!) that’s been proven, over and over, to lock in moisture and not clog pores; we probably never thought about how it’s hypo-allergenic and never irritating to the skin because, well, we were kids!

Now that I’m an adult I’ve discovered that Vaseline is still hard at work, which is kind of a nice, nostalgic surprise. They’ve got this Lip Therapy formula that they’ve packaged in a late-1800’s style tin with modern branding. It’s super iconic (not to mention affordable—$3.49 at Target), and after trying it I can say I love how it spreads smoothly and doesn’t stay sticky on my lips. It instantly absorbs unlike some of those other brands that seem to come off within a few minutes of applying. Definitely worth a try, especially during these seasons of changing weather where we’re all looking for something to soothe our dry or cracked lips.

Vaseline did a really cool experiment to show how beneficial the new Vaseline Lip Therapy Tins are and you can watch a video of it here: Vaseline Experiment 

New Vaseline Lip Therapy Tins Best therapy for chapped lips

Thank you to Vaseline for working with me on this post!

Photos by Aesthetic