How To Look Like You Tried Without Actually Trying

Every once in a while, I run into those days where I just don’t have my usual excitement or time to pick out a cute outfit in the morning, especially if it involves being uncomfortable all day. I know the saying is “Beauty is pain” or something along those lines, but I just think there have to be a few exceptions. Usually, if I don’t feel like trying for a day, I end up wearing some kind of knit top with jeans and sneakers…. but since my time blogging, I’ve discovered a few tricks to make the “5-minute-knit-jeans-sneakers” days look like “2-hour-I-love-fashion” days. Here’s how to look like you tried without actually trying:

1. Lipstick – This one is probably the easiest trick of them all. Anytime I see lipstick, I think that person spent time getting ready. Especially a bright color, like red or a fall orange, will become the center of attention, and your outfit can stay casual.

Red lipstick

2. Bell Sleeves – I just posted about Bell Sleeves the other day, and I realized how perfect they are for this topic. Especially the tops with the classic bell sleeves or the short, wrist flares fit just as comfortable as a basic knit, but they look a little bit more feminine and put-together.

Bell sleeves

3. High Waists – Personally, I think high-waisted jeans are even more comfortable than lo- or mid-rise jeans. If you find a pair that fits you just right, they’re an amazing option for looking more dressed up than you feel. High waisted skirts are even better, but you might feel like you’re trying just a little bit ;)

Retro Top, Bright Red Top

5. Short Heels – OK, I know you hear “heels” and you think that means giving up your main comfort for the day, but there really are a lot of options out there that can be super comfortable and just enough to change the vibe of your outfit. Try some shorter, sandal options with thick heels so that they’re easy to walk in.

Short Black Lace Up Heels

4. Statement bags – This requires some thinking ahead to make sure you have a statement bag that will do the trick. But if you do invest in a great bag with a pop of color, you can use it to your advantage. Stick to a simple outfit with really minimal colors, and your bag will do all the talking. This one I’m wearing here is a pre-loved Louis Vuitton from The Lady Bag (great spot to find LV bags that are still in good condition at a more affordable price.)

Louis Vuitton statement bag