Los Angeles Style

LA is magic, and I just can’t get enough.

I’ve been fortunate to have seen a lot of places. I’ve lived in Texas and Chicago; I frequent NYC and SF at least a couple times a year, and I’ve been overseas at least a dozen times. Believe me, these places have charm, beauty, and aspects that make them wonderful and unique. But I have a hunch, and as much as I’m open to being proven wrong, I think I already know that nowhere, for me, will compare to LA.

When most people think of LA they see nightmarish visions of traffic, smog, and long lines. But every thriving metropolis has these. What about all the qualities that make it unique and desireable? (And I’m not just talking about miles of coastline, mountain views, and arts and culture at every intersection.) I’m talking about the people, the industry, and the energy. LA is one of the few places in the world where people with talent and dreams flock. Road trip, plane ride, hitchhike—most everyone’s got an “I realized I had a gift, and so I packed it all up and made my way to LA” story. What makes us different than people from other places is that Angelenos (as we’re called) thrive on adversity; we bloom when challenged to rear something beautiful from the dust.

I’ll be honest though. Like any big city, LA can feel tough to break into. But when you do, and when you find your place, man do things get exciting! It’s taken me 8 years to get where I’m at in this huge, powerful city. But I can’t say I’d trade the experience for anything.

A personal favorite LA aspect is, surprise surprise, getting to dress the LA way. To me, this means sweaters with sandals, ripped jeans during winter, and wearing any of my favorite items year-round. Personal fashion is a dream compared to other places, which is kind of magical. LA: I just can’t get enough.


J Brand Sweater | Joe’s Jeans | Sol-sana Sandals (in tan)| Cuyana Tote

Cuyana monogrammed bag, coffee in Downtown LA
Winter knits, Ripped Knee denim
Los Angeles fashion blog, TAKE AIM by Michelle Madsen
moody photography, coffee and clothes
Nude buckle sandals, Solsana shoes
monogrammed leather tote

Coffee instagram shots Distressed denim, oversized knit

Photos by Benjamin Ewing