Why You Need To Visit Lou & Grey’s Pop Up ASAP

You know that I fall hard for a perfectly curated, Instagrammable (that’s a word right?) environment, so when I say you “need” to visit Lou & Grey’s Pop Up A-S-A-P, I mean it…it was possibly the actual cutest pop up ever. I’ve already loved Lou & Grey for several years because they always have beautiful and timeless pieces, but the pop up really impressed me. I love that it’s open to the public, not just to influencers, and I wanted to share some of my favorite parts so you can get a sneak peek before going.

ultimate pink inspo

Lou & Grey's Pop Up at The Grove Los Angeles, Pink Apartment Goals
The pop up is at The Grove, right across from Nordstrom. At the entrance to the pop up there is a big, pink neon sign that says “So Crazy Cozy” and inside is major apartment goals, complete with a pink velvet sofa and a cuteeee little fireplace. They even give out free hot chocolate just for visiting! I wanted to stay and live in there (haha).

While I was there, I tried on a couple of looks. Lou & Grey always has the softest sweaters and a lot of fun winter textures, so I really enjoyed seeing some of their new pieces as I get ready for a cooler-weather wardrobe. My favorites were an all-white look with a super cozy sweater and a fur jacket on top, and an all-yellow look with bright pink fuzzy sandals. I feel like Lou & Grey is really good at taking the most simple, classic pieces to the next level with textures and colors, and the pieces I tried on were definitely like that.

So Crazy Cozy Lou & Grey Pieces with Pink Velvet Sofa

So, if you do decide to go, the cool part is that every week they’re launching five new looks that you’ll be able to see at the pop up! It’s open until November 30th, which is great since you’ll hopefully have started Christmas shopping by then (emphasis on “hopefully”), and you can stop in for some free hot chocolate as well. Honestly it’s worth it just for the Instagram, lol.

In case you missed my Instagram story, you can scroll through to see a few more pictures I took while I was there, and lastly, here are some of my favorite Lou & Grey pieces available right now!

Feel free to comment below or email me if you need help selecting the right piece for you or as a gift! Always happy to help xx

Lou and Grey looks, pink neon sign at the Grove LA

Pink Velvet Couch with Pink Home Decor and Marble Coffee Table
Lou & Grey Los Angeles Pop Up Shop

Here’re a few details of my outfit while I was out, around LA:

White Fur Coat Outfit of the day, Lou & Grey
Soft white sweater from Lou & Grey, White Fur Jacket, Michelle Take Aim
White Fur Outfit with Sweatpants and cream details
All White Fur Details wearing Lou & Grey

Thanks to Lou & Grey for partnering with me on this post!

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