My Favorite Louis Vuitton Accessories

Louis Vuitton Accessories

I recently got this Louis Vuitton iPhone case to add to my Louis Vuitton accessories, and I think it’s my favorite yet. I’ve noticed we’re really in a season of fashion that is celebrating the top designers and appreciating quality and renown, and right now, Louis Vuitton is kind of a brand-of-the-moment. I do really appreciate the privilege of being able to wear and carry Louis products in my every day wardrobe. My favorite three are the sneakers, the phone case, and the mini backpack.

There’s a lot of amazing places to shop real Louis Vuitton accessories, even if you’re not in a place to spend full price right now. Top sites I know about that are legitimate and well-priced are The Real Real, Vestaire Collective and The Lady Bag. Since I’ve been working in the fashion industry for the last 8 years, finding brands and pieces that I love has become a little bit like finding collector’s items that each have a special time and meaning for purchasing them. Saving up for some of these designer items has even made them more special to carry and wear around. What do you guys think about high-end vs. similar and more affordable options? What’s more important to you – fewer items that are more expensive OR more items that cost less?

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Louis Vuitton Accessories Louis Vuitton Sneakers

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Just thought this was such a gorgeous photo! It reminds me of the Carlsbad Flower Fields which I have not been able to visit yet this year! Is it too late? Taken by @rachelbarkman on Instagram.

Flower Fields by Rachel Barkman