Love Nail Tree

 It’s “Small Business Saturday” today so I thought I could share a little bit about my small business that I’ve been working on with my husband for the last 7 years!

LOVE NAIL TREE is a story-telling company, aiming to inspire and provoke conversation through our clothing and jewelry.  Every piece has a unique story included in it’s tag that shares about the inspiration behind the design. In our business, I contribute mostly though the clothing and jewelry design, our wholesale sales and social marketing.  It’s been one of the most challenging and inspiring things I’ve done – and really what introduced me to the fashion industry and inspired me to start this blog.

Below are some of my favorite pieces from our current collection but you can see everything on our site: LOVE NAIL TREE

Right now our entire site is 30-40% off for Black Friday/Cyber Monday! We would be so grateful if you supported a local biz (ours!) for some of your holiday shopping this year.

Thank you, always, for your support and for keeping up with my journey to TAKE AIM. It’s very special to be able to share things like this with you all.


Love Like LA - LOVE NAIL TREE necklace Smell the Flowers LOVE NAIL TREE necklaceshearback_9990241d-5a8b-44f2-9a2c-c39928552879_largeeUWknKL_pTEeZrh4dJzdNaoE1i23XtC_4E6PJ_k0t8E_large Cement LOVE NAIL TREE necklace I Can LOVE NAIL TREE necklace LOVE NAIL TREE Camera Necklace More Sunshine LOVE NAIL TREE necklace