Love Shack Fancy And The Flower Fields

love shack fancy

I got to go on a mini adventure this week to Antelope Valley with my girl, Leonie. Leonie and I always like to meet up when we are in the same city – I’ve actually only met up with her in person a few times in the last year, but we instantly connected and pick up right where we left off every time. You know those friends?

We planned a cute picnic in the gorrgggeous poppy fields with brie and wine at sunset (what other kind of picnic is there?) and took photos and enjoyed the evening.

I wore this dress from Love Shack Fancy – I got to meet the designer about a month ago, and I like how her clothing is like a fancier and cuter version of the typical boho style, plus I love how they fit. All of the pieces are cute for resort style or a girly outfit. I love that they could also easily paired with other things to be less girly – the skirts can be worn with casual tshirts, and the tops would easily pair with jeans.


Love Shack Fancy Dress | Rag & Bone Sandals | Rag & Bone Belt | Cult Gaia Bag

A couple more outfits where I’ve been wearing Love Shack Fancy:

Love Shack Fancy Coachella
Love Shack Fancy, Coverup Skirt
Beach Outfit


I’ve been getting inspired lately by healthy, yummy summer recipes, and this Peach Caprese Salad from caught my eye. Love how it’s photographed too! Full recipe here.

Peach Caprese Salad