Lyst For My Wish

I could spend hours and hours online…. sometimes I get into a rabbit-hole of sorts, jumping from site to site, looking for the best trends at the best prices – then before I know it, it been hours! I’d say the same is true for Instagram.  We live in a world where information is endless and, as people that want to stay informed in ‘in-touch,’ it requires lots of time.

One thing for me that has been a huge time-saver in the past month is using a site called Lyst. I’m obsessed with Lyst! It’s become a place where I can feed all of my favorite shops and brands into one place so I only have to go to one site to see what’s new. I used to hop from The Dreslyn to Shopbob to Revolve to Madewell to Barney’s to Zara, etc….   It’s pretty much my new shopping destination!

One of my favorite features on Lyst is that you can create so many different lists from “dream shopping” to “Christmas shopping” and I even made one for my husband! I stay organized and every time one of my favored items goes one sale, I get and email notification! This is huge for me because my “dream shopping” list is basically items that I would only ever buy if I could get them on sale. Ha!

Another amazing feature is that Lyst personalizes my shopping experience by remembering my favorite brands and showing them to me in my feed.  As I have gotten so busy in the last couple months, Lyst has really saved me by becoming the single source I need to stay in the loop and up on what’s trending – AND, of course, helping me get items that I love at the best prices!

This A.P.C. hat had been on my wish lyst for a while and I was so excited when I got the alert that it was on sale at The Dreslyn. City-chic hats are totally making a comeback in my wardrobe – not so much the floppy ones but love the felt, wide-brimmed ones.

Finding deals on Lyst Wishlist on Lyst

AND – tada! I got my hat on sale!

APC Paris hat COS Sweater Look of the Day 3.1 Phillip Lim Purse Sweater over Dress combo APC Paris Felt Hat Downtown LA style

Lyst has been a game-changer for me! When I find a gem, I can’t stop talking about it : ) SO – try it out for yourself!

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Photos by the lovely LISA DENGLER