The Prettiest Magazines Ever

I find reading to be simultaneously really inspiring and really relaxing, so it’s something I try to make time for every morning and and evening to kind of bookend my day (see what I did there? :)) I also listen to audio books while I drive to make the time more productive and so that I don’t get too bored in all the traffic. I like a variety of genres, but one of my favorites is the hard-copy-gorgeous-paper-gorgeous-photos-style magazines. Kinfolk is probably the most well-known magazine of its kind in circulation right now, but I also love Darling, Cereal and Life & Thyme.

They’re always such beautiful publications that definitely give me creative ideas and inspire me to create high quality content for my own blog. Plus, to be honest, even if I end up not reading a lot of them, I just like to look at them.

Have you guys ever ordered any of these? Tell me your thoughts below!

Kinfolk | Darling | Cereal | Life & Thyme

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